Caimito Farm is a regenerative agriculture project in the Cordoba province of Spain. Over time we are going to offer products to consumers. At the moment we are dedicated to building up soil and to restoring fertility of the soil. We talk about our journey as we go.

Puppies practicing herding

Written by Stephan Schwab on February 29, 2020

Back in September 2019 a Spanish Mastiff decided to give birth to a litter of ten. Eight of them survived the early days and now at the age of almost 5 months they have become pretty active.

So far they’ve learned to behave when I provide them food in the morning and the evening. Everybody sits in front of their bowl until food has been served. It’s not perfect yet but at least there is some order instead of pure chaos. They come when called - most of the time - and know their name.

And they began to help :-)