Der Bauernhof Caimito ist ein Projekt in der spanischen Provinz Cordoba. Wir betreiben regenerative Landwirtschaft. Nach einiger Zeit werden wir Produkte im Direktverkauf anbieten. Im Moment arbeiten wir daran Boden aufzubauen und die Fruchtbarkeit des Bodens wiederherzustellen.

Resting horses

Written by Stephan Schwab on February 24, 2020

It’s been a while since the last article here. We’ve been pretty busy with many projects on the farm. There is no much infrastructure to construct and figure out what the best way is, what we really need, etc. It is a lot of fun though. You’ll be very tired in the evening but it’s all worth it.

I’m starting to go through all the pictures - I take pictures of everything on a daily basis - to see what I can share here.

In the meanwhile here is a nice picture of the horses resting in the sun. They all felt pretty secure and all laid down. Normally we can see one in this position while the others stay watch. This time all did. It was very nice and tranquil.