Many new dogs

Written by Stephan Schwab on December 2, 2019

A female Spanish Mastiff dog had decided to live with us. She had visited us before but we waved the dog away as the dog certainly has a home and didn’t want to get into trouble. But the dog always came back. So eventually we offered some food and she started to hang around our place every day.

On September 17 we woke up to a surprise:

She had given birth to a litter of 10 little dogs and made a pretty healthy and happy impression. Unfortunately two of them didn’t make it but everybody else is now a happy small puppy growing up very fast.

We didn’t hesitate long to decide that these doggies can be valuable colaborators on the farm. They can guard other animals and help with tasks such as moving cows - maybe even pigs. So we set out to build them a home. It is made of steel bars welded together. It has a metal roof and siding with foam insulation on the inside. The front is now also closed with insulation and it does stay pretty warm on the inside. The straw helps to keep any odors away and also helps to keep the house warm as it’s like an insulated floor. We are pretty happy with our dog house. Of course, it was a totally unplanned job but well worth it.

Unfortunately their love for us is so strong that they prefer to sleep on our doorstep.

It gets pretty cold on some nights so we have to force them to sleep in their warm doghouse by locking them up there. They do protest a bit but then sleep well.

Every day when I walk around the farm to do some work I now have company. Sometimes they get tired but mostly they like to come along. They fall to sleep immediately where ever we happen to be.

The little girls and boys even started to take over some duties like sounding the alarm when another animal escapes the place it’s supposed to stay at.

Step by step we find a name for each one and they learn some basic commands. The biggest challenge is to find a name for each one. So far we have:

We are waiting to see what special behavior the others exhibit and maybe find a nice name that way.

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