Few actual grass plants

Written by Stephan Schwab on December 1, 2019

After a bit of rain on November 4th I went out to see where we might have pasture for grazing. We did graze the green spot twice by then so there should be grazeable grass elsewhere as well.

Well… It turned out that in theory yes but look at this picture.

There are only a few actual grass plants. Everything else is litter from the oak tree’s canopy above the spot and some other ground cover.

The few plants have leafs that aren’t that bad but for grazing a lot of growth needs to happen or else the plant will be dead quickly.

We’ve been working a lot on many new electric fences with doors and what not. I was too busy to write anything - much less in more than one language. I’ll provide updates on all of that and a drone flight over the area as well as soon as the weather and time permits that.

Our goal at the moment is to fix one chunk of the land first so that we have a more intact ecosystem going and then shift our attention to the next area.

A lot of animals are helping us with that. So far we have for the first area:

We also have 30 chickens and a few other animals but they do not participate in the effort for the first zone. There will hopefully be more chicken to help there as soon as we get around to build them a mobile chicken coop. We’ve started but …

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