An update on the green spot

Written by Stephan Schwab on September 15, 2019

Six days ago I was reporting that the farm is becoming green again. Since then the two green spots have developed more and more new grass is showing up all around the farm. We’ve had quite a bit of rain, which helps a lot. I didn’t take any pictures of the grass emerging elsewhere because it’s still too small to make an impression in a picture. Let’s give it some time.

So here is the larger of the two green spots:

Let’s go for a closer look. To a cow that must be an invitation to have a feast. It looks lush. The plants have little open space between them. That is what we want. You can see my footprints in the middle. Sorry about that.

I stepped into it so that I can take a measurement. This is the very first time I’m measuring grass height at this place. In six days of rain and sunshine this went up from something to about 20 cm of lush pasture. It will certainly continue to grow much bigger. In May it got as tall as the stone wall behind it.

Here is the second spot. It’s a bit smaller but growth is similar. And you can see that more is emerging from the decaying plant matter that covers the soil.

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