The farm is becoming green again

Written by Stephan Schwab on September 8, 2019

Moisture is everything on a farm. Without water and without sunlight nothing grows. Then nutrients are important and, of course, it’s important that plants can grow without being eaten by someone.

This summer many people talked about an unsual lack of rain. We are new to the area and cannot really compare to previous years. But, yes, it was dry and there was no rain at all since May. Nonetheless we saw some new green emerging when the cows left an area. Since the end of June more and more areas saw some Cynodon dactylon show up. That warm season grass grows well at 35C but it still does need water. So I believe the few patches (too little to actually make an impression in a picture) have plants with deep roots that were able to get to the moisture buried deep in the ground.

The last few days we saw rain out of thunderstorms. That water from the sky has awaken the dormant cool season grass and the result can now be clearly seen. It’s not only the big patch in the front but also another patch in front of the tree.

Here is a close-up of the area in the front. This is clearly not Cynodon dactylon but something else. It must be a grass that doesn’t like the high temperatures during summer but prefers something more moderate and is now making an appearance. Due to the rain the temperature today was just 18C when the sun was hidden behind the clouds.

Back at the 10th of May of this very same year the very same area had some very lush and tall grass. This picture is just from the other side:

I tend to believe what people say about the lack of rain. Last year around the very same time we had a lot more rainfall and it did rain earlier in August. The newly dug swales had filled up completely. Now we have planted things there but so far the swale had not filled up yet.

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