Spring boost on growth

Written by Stephan Schwab on June 25, 2019

The last two months have been pretty busy. I’m going through all the pictures I took and try to share a few interesting bits and pieces.

I used the term “spring” in the title as many people are familiar with it and know that “spring” is the season where nature starts afresh after the dormancy of winter. This is Andalucia in souther Spain and there isn’t really “spring”. The mediterrean climate is either hot and no rain or moderate temperatures and some rain. But then I’m new to it and am struggling myself with the terms and what I observe.

In any case, here is a pretty nice picture of what cow activity with some rainwater can achieve. That is the natural grass that has been there all the time. It has grown as tall as the wall behind our property and the neighbor and that stone wall is waist high in the lower section of it.

It seems we are doing something right and it gave us a confidence boost. We are just at the beginning of this and I know that it’s not yet time to celebrate. But still it is nice to see what nature can provide.

Now that the heat of summer has arrived the same patch is dry but we have some fresh growth between the dry grass. The cows love it.

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